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Axis Network Cameras & Video Servers

Axis Network Cameras and Video Servers provide an easy way to capture and distribute high quality video over any kind of network, telephone line or internet. Images can be viewed uing a standard Web browser and stored on any hard drive. Axis Network Cameras and Video Servers do not need any additional hardware or software. No PC is required to capture and transfer images - the Axis video products operate standalone and can be placed wherever there is a LAN connection or an available modem. They are ideal for remote monitoring and Web attraction applications.

  • For remote monitoring/surveillance
  • For live Web cast & two-way audio communication

Axis Network Video Cameras and Servers

Axis Network Print Servers

Axis printing solutions give everyone complete access to printer resources, whatever the environment, whatever the size ofthe enterprise. Installed rapidly, Axis Print Servers allow simultaneous printing in all networks, including IBM mainframe and AS/400 systems. With Axis Print Servers, you have reliability, ease-of-use, speed and upgradability needed to keep up wih the faster, higher-quality and ever improving printers of today and tomorrow. And you have the flexibility to instantly print to the printer of your choice - be wired or wireless. Axis has the right solution for every environment.

  • Network printing with different systems, e.g. IBM and AS/400
  • Print wirelessly

Axis Network Print Servers

Axis Network Document Servers

The Axis 7000 Document Server is the optimal way of sending black and white or colour documents over the internet, rather than using a fax or photocopying and manually distributing documents. It offers confidentiality, savings in telephone costs and time, and better image quality. The Axis 7000 Network Document Server makes it possible to use one common platform - e-mail - for all document distribution and sharing needs. Documents digitized by digital copier/scanner can be distributed using e-mail, FTP, and direct printing on network printers. Including a wide variety of supported formats (TIFF, JPEG, PDF and PCL), the Axis 7000 supports a wide range of digital copiers and scanners.

  • Digitize paper copy for easy distribution & storage
  • Store data without using the network server
Axis Network Storage Servers

The storage server family is comprised of CD/DVD and hard disk servers. Axis StorPoint server technology helps you realize the full potential of your data resources through effective, state-of-the-art data storage and network sharing. The Axis CD/DVD Servers are the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective solutions for sharing CDs and DVDs and writing to CD-R/RW drives over the network. The Axis hard disk servers are a breakthrough in Network-Attached storage, allowing users to attach external storage directly to their Ethernet networks.

  • Store data without using the network server
EasyDisk - Flash USB Drive

EasyDisk is basically a portable USB hard drive used for storage and transportion of data and applications. Lightweight and compact, the EasyDisk is incredibly small and can fit right into your pocket! Requires no cables, power supplies, or batteries.

  • Transfer data using an external drive so small, it can fit in your pocket.

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