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AXIS 205 Network Camera

The smallest camera from the biggest name in network video - The worlds Smallest Network Camera The AXIS 205 Network Camera is so small and easy to use, you can place it virtually anywhere. It runs directly off your network, so unlike Webcams, you don't connect it to your computer. You simply connect the AXIS 205 to your network using a standard network cable. What you need: Regular straight Ethernet cable An available port on your hub or router Unlike Webcams, the AXIS 205 has its own IP address and a built-in Web server, so it does not require any additional software to operate. This allows it to send moving images through your router and right out on the Internet with no other hardware required. Small, compact size Superior image quality,Built-in Web server, three different resolutions Up to 30 frames/second in all resolution modes Supports up to 20 users simultaneously

Axis 205 Web Site Download Datasheet

AXIS 2411 - 1 CCTV Port Video Server

The AXIS 2411 is an entry-level, single channel video server that digitizes and compresses video from an analog camera to provide high quality, digital image streams over an IP network. Ideal for use in a large professional surveillance system or in a single camera system, the AXIS 2411 provides an effective and attractively priced solution for remote, live video monitoring from a Web browser anywhere in the world. The AXIS 2411 delivers video streams at up to 30 frames per second using Motion JPEG. Three different image resolution alternatives and five user selectable compression levels provide flexibility to meet various demands.

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AXIS 2460 Network DVR Digital video

Recorded locally.Viewed globally Sophisticated yet brilliant in its simplicity,the AXIS 2460 Network DVR takes digital video recording to a completely new level of advancement.Connect it directly to a TCP/IP network and remotely access digital video and system administration tools,using a standard web browser. Accommodating up to four analog cameras,it has its own built-in web server and is completely self-maintained.No need for tapes,tangles or expensive moving parts! Retaining important video sequences for longer than any other DVR solution,the AXIS 2460 offers an almost inexhaustible local recording resource for security video ‹ using revolutionary APViS (Axis Prioritized Video Storage) technology*. Used as a single stand-alone system for a small business, or as an autonomous component within a globally distributed video surveillance system,the AXIS 2460 is perfect for use within large retail chains,franchise operations,or any business that requires convenient network access to live or recorded surveillance video.

  • Stores important video for longer using revolutionary APViS Technology
  • Fault tolerant system with data base mirroring and distributed video storage
  • Self-contained and self-maintained system


  • Built-in firewall functionality
  • Simultaneous viewing,recording,playback, and administration via web browser
  • Designed for networks
Axis 2460 Web Site Download Datasheet

AXIS 5810 A Bluetooth Print Plug

Add wireless printing to existing printers in seconds!

Transform existing printers into wireless printing stations ‹in seconds.With the AXIS 5810,mobile professionals can now print information from portable hand-held devices; such as,laptops and mobile phones.

The print plug connects directly to the printer and includes everything you need to print ‹with no hidden extras or additional investment required.It ¹s just like printing to any wired printer.It plugs and unplugs,without any need to access the wired network.

With immediate access to local print resources and the opportunity for last-minute printing,you can now welcome business visitors and colleagues with more than just a smile. It ¹s simple,printing without wires,using the AXIS 5810.

Axis commitment towards post-sales product development ensures that your investment is future-proof protected:With new firmware downloads regularly posted to Axis ¹Web site, the supplied AXIS Wireless Upgrade Utility offers a quick and easy method for upgrading and enhancing the Print Plug throughout its life cycle.

  • Powered-up and ready for wireless printing
  • Automatic discovery of nearby printers using AXIS Wireless Printing
  • Supports Hard Copy Cable Replacement (HCRP), Serial Port Profile (SPP),Object Push Profile (OPP)
Axis 5810 Web Site Download Datasheet

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