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A leading global provider of IP-based video surveillance solutions. Milestone Systems is a company in fast growth, and that growth has been consistently organic in response to the rapidly growing market demands of the security industry. “Since release of the first Milestone IP-based product called Surveillance PRO in 1999, a lot has happened in the security world. Hardly anyone was manufacturing IP cameras then, and the established security industry using Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) regarded IP-based surveillance as a mere child's toy, at best, or as a threat to their proprietary hardware and cable installations, at worst,” explains John Blem, co-founder and CTO at Milestone Systems. “By the new millennium, however, the many advantages of new technology had become evident. The serious manufacturers are now proudly presenting their own IP cameras on the market, and they are also realizing that the cameras alone cannot do everything the customers want from today’s IT options.” The advanced Milestone solutions for networked digital video surveillance have been on the forefront of developments in the software industry, sold and implemented through an international channel of partners. These efforts have garnered more than 3,000 satisfied customers in a wide spectrum of businesses worldwide.In addition to the indirect sales channels from the reseller partners, Milestone also has agreements with a number of key partners who use our technology in their products, as their Original Equipment Manufacturer (also known as OEM). Such relationships represent important opportunities for increased revenues, while highlighting the technological expertise for which Milestone is sought in the marketplace.


The Milestone Xprotect® Business solution
The The Milestone Xprotect® Business solution is the flagship product in Milestone's product line. The Milestone Xprotect® Business solution, designed for seamless integration to both IP-based connections and analog camera networks, is the foundation product for the full line of software offerings. It is a digital surveillance system with advanced management, flexible scheduling, and analysis functionality. Controlling up to 64 cameras per server, it interfaces with standard video and computer hardware equipment from the leading manufacturers, which makes it very efficient to install while measurably reducing maintenance costs. The functionality includes flexible event-logging facilities and automatic image database archiving - easy to search and find!

Advanced Operational Features include:

• Multi-channel audio recording and listen-in during recording or playback

• Recording speed up to 30 frames per second per camera (25 for PAL)

• Recording quality JPEG up to 1280x1024 pixels, depending on camera/server

• Active alerting via sound, email and Instant Messaging

• Remote access to recordings and live cameras via built-in web server

• Live camera monitor viewing shows multiple cameras simultaneously, including motion details.

• Instant playback of multiple cameras allows all perspectives on a motion or event.

• Web server interface allows setups for multiple user profiles with different administration needs.

• Password protection

• Built-in real-time video motion detection (VMD)

• Intelligent functionality: can be set to speed up number of frames on motion or event

• Able to create AVI for a selection of cameras

• AVI clips can contain audio.

• Intelligent PTZ control

• Advanced Input/Output handling

• Scheduled activation of cameras

• Quick Save allows an easy way to specify time intervals.

• Path setup for saving archives allows it to be on another drive, which means big savings in the storage space capacity on the local machine.

Xprotect Transact

Integrate network video surveillance recordings with POS or ATM transactions.

The 2002 National Retail Security Survey from the University of Florida states that 48% of inventory shrinkage was caused by employees and 32% by customer shoplifting ($15 billion and $10 billion respectively for retail businesses in the USA); 15% was due to administrative errors.

SAVE MONEY ON THE BOTTOM LINE By managing the problems of fraud and theft head-on, the number one cause of financial loss in retail businesses can be reduced significantly. Suspicious transations often are not innocent human error, but a systematic skimming of your inventory, cash and profits. Until now, retailers and banks have had to search separate results from transaction systems and videotape surveillance to find evidence of fraud. But not any more!

ONE INTEGRATED DIGITAL ANTI-FRAUD SOLUTION Xprotect Transact from Milestone Systems is an add-on product that takes full advantage of the sophisticated functionality of Xprotect Business: the best-selling network video surveillance software available today. Together, you get a total solution to handle your video surveillance for protection against theft, and integration with transactions for clear evidence of fraud. The video surveillance acts as a deterrent to shoplifting, and Xprotect Transact combines it with your transaction data to find internal fraud, as well. Banks can use it for ATM transaction evidence.

1-to-1 PROOF OF SUSPECT INCIDENTS Xprotect® Transact from Milestone Systems is a powerful tool that speeds investigations to determine fraud by integrating digital video surveillance images with Point Of Sale or Automatic Teller Machine transaction data, with 1-to-1 correspondence of images to transactions. Simultaneous displays of receipt details with high quality video recordings of the events in action visually verifies what happened.

Whether the problem is with employees or customers, you can easily search and view the data from your transaction system linked with video evidence to determine the cause of exceptions. Stored in a local database, it is easy to find suspicious transactions with just a click of the mouse.

Did the employee ring up the right amount for the products visible on the counter? Were all the items scanned at the register? Was a returned item handled properly? Was the employee discount given to a friend? If a stolen card was discovered to be in use, what did the customer look like?

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