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Basic network printer troubleshooting

I have just connected an Axis print server to my printer and can not get job from my host computer to print. When the printer is directly connected to the computer everything works properly. What do you suggest

The first thing you should try is lowering the BSYTM (Busy Status Time-out) parameter, found under the Output Menu of the Axis unit, from the default value of 60 to 120. This will decrease the delay for status messaging. Often you will find that the 60 second delay causes many printers to time-out, thus halting the job. If you still have trouble you should then also try lowering the output speed of the print server from the default value of HIGHSPEED to STNDRD. Often this is required if there is a buffer-overrun situation occurring on the printer.
Can't find configuration password for login

When trying to edit the unit's configuration the user is prompted with a login dialog asking for Username and Password.

Username: root Password: pass Note: The root password can be changed if desired. However, if you forget the password you will have to factory default the unit to restore the password value to "pass". The factory default process is outlined in the User's Manual under the index listing of "Factory Default Settings".
Using both Ethernet and Modem connections

I would like to use the AXIS 2100 both on a LAN via the Ethernet port and on a modem via the serial port. Is this possible and if so what do I need to be aware of for my TCP/IP setup?

This is not a supported setup. You should either use the unit on a LAN or on a modem, not both. Axis can not provided technical assistance for a dual connection. However, below you will find the information on how the unitıs TCP/IP address allocation works. This may be useful to people building their own custom solutions. - If the modem is used to dial _into_ the camera, nothing special happens. You can still use the camera through the Ethernet. However the AXIS 2100 will "steal" an IP from the LANıs IP range to give to the client who is dialing in. There might be a conflict if the stolen IP belongs to an existing computer on the Ethernet and that computer tries to access the camera. - When the modem is used to dial _out_ from the camera into an ISP, the default gateway is switched to be the gateway of the ISP. Therefore, you cannot access the camera through the Ethernet if you are using a different gateway for your Ethernet network. Locally on the Ethernet you can still access the camera.
Which Bluetooth-clients can connect to the AXIS 9010

Which Bluetooth- clients can connect to the AXIS 9010?

The AXIS 9010 is a LAN-access product and all other Bluetooth-products that support the Bluetooth LAN-profile can connect to it. E.g. PC-cards from Xircom, 3COM, Digianswer, Motorola, Toshiba and IBM. CF- cards from Socket and Wireless Solution. BT- Modules from PALM and Widcomm.
Setting IP address from Macintosh

I have an all Macintosh environment and need to assign the print server a static IP address. The instructions in the User's Manual for setting the IP address on the print server only refer to Windows and Unix based systems. How do I assign the print server an IP address from a Macintosh?

If you do not have DHCP on your network and therefore need to manually assign the print server an IP address you may do so from a Macintosh in one of two ways. The easiest method, printing a text file to the _CFG port, is outlined in the Macintosh section of the Userıs Manual. You must make certain that the text file you create is formatted properly in order for the parameter to change. It is recommended that you set just the unitıs IP address and then configure the rest of the parameters using the built-in web interface. An example of the IP address syntax is: INT_ADDR.: Please note the lack of spaces/tabs. As an alternative the ARP command, a standard TCP/IP command, may be used. The Mac OS does not include the ARP command as a standard command, unlike most operating systems, so you will need to download and install ARP command software. The instructions in the Axis Userıs Manual show you how to use the ARP command to assign an IP address. You will need to also refer to your ARP softwareıs documentation for exact syntax usage.
Network LED is not showing activity

The amber Network LED on the print server does not flash indicating network activity as it should.

1. Check all Ethernet connections (are cables good and is there an active link on the hub port?) 2. Factory default the print server Note: If you have a smaller network (approx 10 or fewer nodes) there will not be a large amount of activity. The LED may only flash once or twice every 10 seconds or so.
Does the Axis Web Camera work with all web browsers?

Does the Axis Web Camera work with all web browsers (such as OPERA 3.x?)

Generally yes. The browser must support JPEG compressed images. The majority of HTML browsers support this since it is a standard file format used on the web.
DOS Printing with AXIS PrintMonitor and NetBEUI (Windows Peer-Peer)

All of our systems are able to print from Windows using the AXIS PrintMonitor however some computers on the network must be able to also print from DOS. The AXIS port that appears in Windows is not available in DOS. How do I send DOS jobs to the print server using NetBEUI?

Due to limitations of the Windows operating system you will need to share the printer from one workstation (which will be printing to the Axis print server using PrintMonitor) and then on all the other systems "capture" a DOS LPT port and send it to the shared network path. Windows does not allow you to capture a local port (LPT1 for example) and send it to another local port (the Axis port). Sending the data to a network path is usually the only solution.
Print server can't be seen by NetPilot after upgrade

I upgraded the firmware of a print server from an older rev to the latest release on your web site. The print server was successfully upgraded to the new version but is not seen by my existing NetPilot software.

In a situation like this you will need to upgrade the NetPilot software so that it is compatible with the new version of firmware. NetPilot can be found at:


Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

What is the MBTF rating for the Axis Camera products?

The MTBF is calculated to 100000 hours for all Axis Camera products.


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